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Like many unforgettable first's in our lives, no one can forget their first cooking experience in the kitchen. Once, I have proudly proclaimed that I CAN MAKE HOT WATER!!! We get over that stage soon enough and start getting interested in making the special aromas that decorate our kitchens.. Post your first experiences in cooking here... This gives you to look back and laugh about the item which you wanted to make but turned into something new.. Even now, after 7 yrs of cooking, when I sometimes try new receipes, they turn into something totally different.. Then I have the privelege of giving it a name.. Waiting to read your happy/ sad/ funny experiences in kitchen..

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  1. Hi SL,

    Your blog is tasty... :D

    All the best.

  2. Hi Krithi,

    This happened in Bangalore when me and my friend Revathy tried "Aval upma" also called "Alu poha" for dinner. We had just then graduated and started working and both of us had plans to learn cooking.

    We had bought "Aval" and we nicely soaked it in water for half and hour and we sauted, potato etc... and then filtered this aval, by then the aval had kind of dissolved and was not looking very promising. But still we thought it will regain shape and poured it on the kadai and made the upma, only that instead of upma, it looked like "koozh".

    But the taste was good and so we realised, we cannot soak aval in water for more than 2-3 min.

    Even today when i make aval upma, i remember the evening, where with power-cut, with a candle light how we made it.

    after marriage i landed her in west coast of USA on a pillayar chathurthi. My amma had advised me to make Kozhukkattai and i learnt it in the few days of leave that i had taken for wedding. Amma gave the mel-mavu and had asked me to make the poornam etc...

    So we landed here and opened the grinder and went for coconut, jaggery shopping. The shops we went there was no jaggery but there was brown-color-sugar. And my husband convinced me that this is jaggery in USA (As i was no where in to cooking and he had mastered it i 2 years i believed him), We bought this and same back and i tried doing poornam with this brown sugar and this is not getting solidified. The mel-mavu came like vennai padam and poornam totally sodhapified and the kozhukattai when cooked all of them burst and the sugar oozed out.

    Later how i learnt to get jaggery from right shops and didn't take my husband's cooking advises are things of past.

    But first day with jet lag how i fought with the kozhukkattai is still somethign i remember!!

    Also the same year Deepevali i had made rava laadu with salted Butter & was intrigued as how it can have a salt taste!!!

  3. Hi, All the receipes are very nice with photos! Mouth watering! I want to try the more kulambu first!

  4. Hi krish..Thanks for your comments.. Hope you find time to fill in your experiences..

  5. Hi Anonymous..
    I have had some terrible "salty" experience with Aval upma... Glad u shared urs here...

  6. Hi Anony..
    Thanks for ur comments... Do let me know how the "moor kuzhambu" came out..

  7. Hi Krithi,
    Very useful blog.thanks.

  8. I always spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom or my grandma so I don't remember exactly the first time I cooked alone. I do rememeber once I tried baking a lemon pie for my dad's birthday... the merengue turned a nightmare!
    I added your blog to my list roll.

  9. Hi LS.. Thanks for liking this blog..

  10. Hi Music Food and Love
    I just visited your blog and loved the cake.. I agree with you on "Chocolate is womens best friend" .. hmmm.. Thanks for visiting

  11. Geez, that's a tough question! I have no clue what I first made. I remember what I ate when I was little. Before I even had teeth, my dad was feeding my steak and corn on the cob. I can thank him for my heart appetite as an adult haha

  12. Hi Krithi,

    Very nice blog and will surely add it to my bookmark. I happened to see all posts and Rava idli is very attractive.

    All the very best!!!

  13. Hi SL,

    Could you please post 3 minutes mysore pa recipe along with pictures (to vouch them for .....I can't believe it unless I see.....hihihi) prepared using microwave oven !

    expecting more recipes with easy preps..

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